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A FInTech Innovation Ecosystem

We are a community of ex- bankers, asset managers, government officials, technology professionals and financial regulators joining forces to launch FinTech companies from scratch in a member-owned community of entrepreneurs that shares resources, deep industry experience and professional networks in order to foster innovation for both startups and financial institutions globally.

Team Members

Amilcar Chavarria
COO & President, FundPaaS
Co-Op Community Builder, FinTech Portfolio
General Partner, FinTech Portfolio
Instructor, FinTech School
Daniel Rice
CTO, FinTech Associates
Founder @Dr Bit Studios

Stuart Jivapongse
Co-Op Community Builder, FinTech Portfolio
CTO, FinTech School
Founder, Renascent Technology

​Emanuel Pleitez
Strategy & BD, FundPaaS
Technology Growth Equity Investor

My Nguyen
Co-Op Community Builder, Fintech Portfolio
VP of Strategic Partnerships, FinTech School
Co-Founder, Fintech Meet

Gagandeep Gill
VP of Compliance & Ops, FundPaaS
Co-Founder, FinTech Tips
Head of Research, FinTech Scanner
​AML & Compliance Expert​
Edwin Carlson
Instructor & Advisor, FinTech School
CEO & Founder, Bitsmart Loans

Robert Lusk
Head of Business Development, FundPaaS

Brian Castro
Co-Op Community Builder, FinTech Portfolio
Chief Executive Officer, FundPaaS

Brady Mason
Head of Design, FundPaaS

Jim Zucker
Co-Op Community Builder, FinTech Portfolio
CTO, FundPaaS

Kenneth Korcal
Software Developer, FundPaaS

Fernando Cabrales
COO, FinTech Portfolio
COO, FinTech School

Amar Saigal
Chief Product Officer, FundPaaS

Timothy Li
Instructor, FinTech School
CEO, Kuber

David Heckadon
Legal, FinTech Portfolio
Of Counsel, Gordon Rees LLP

David Leeson
FinTech Portolio

Jeremy Sterns
Member, FinTech Portfolio
President, CTO Vantage

Matt Daniel
CRO, FundPaaS
Founder & President, Blue Spade

Dai Yoshida
General Counsel, FundPaaS
Attorney, Law Office of Dai Yoshida

Calvin Koh
Partnerships & Events, FinTech Meet
Business Development, Uber

Valli Bindana
Content Production, FinTech School
Writer, Director, Editor, The Surya Ganga Project

Patrick Baron
Instructor, FinTech School
Co-Founder, HitFin

Monte Malhotra
Instructor, FinTech School
Chief Dream Enabler & Founder, Money Intelligence

Kaivan Sattar
Instructor, FinTech School
CEO & Co-Founder, Asaak

Lawrence Go
Head of UI/UX, FinTech School
Presentation Designer, Office of the CEO, Yahoo

Lan Quang
Head of Marketing, FinTech School

Luigi Wewege
Instructor, FinTech School
CEO, Vivier Financial Services

Markus Lampinen
Instructor, FinTech School
Co-Founder & CEO, Crowd Valley Inc

Noah Fitzgerald
Instructor, FinTech School
CEO & Founder, M-Analyst

Jason Miles
CIO, FinTech Portfolio
Co-Founder, Crayvit

Amy Pearson
Co-Op Community Builder, FinTech Portfolio
General Counsel, FinTech Portfolio
Managing Partner, TenacityIP LLC

Amy Johnson
Co-Op Community Builder, FinTech Portfolio
Corp Development and Fundraising, FinTech Portfolio
Managing Director, CMN Funding
Brandon Webb
Chief People Officer, FinTech Portfolio
HR Business Analyst, Hyundai Motor America

Iman Rehmatullah
Finance & Ops Fellow, FundPaaS
Admin Assistant, RHDC International LLC

Jeremy Glassenberg
Head of API Platform, FundPaaS
Expert in Residence, BootstrapLabs
Product Strategy Consultant, Clear Strategy Group

Daniel Gallagher
VP of Engineering, FundPaaS

John Ludlow
CMO, FundPaaS
Marketing Strategist, JP Marketing Consultants

Jim Jones
Director, Institutional Sales, FundPaaS

DuWyane Thomas
Sales, FinTech Portfolio

Hector Martinez
Sales & Customer Success, FinTech Portfolio
Federal Tax Associate, KPMG US

Hugh McSwain
Entrepreneur in Residence, FinTech Portfolio
Radiologist, UCSF

Ishrak Iltut
Sales, FinTech Portfolio
Transportation Engineering Co-op Student, Associated Engineering

Jay Mok
Contributor, FinTech Tips
Sr. Product Manager, Lending Club

Nathalie Salami
CLO, Liquid Tokens, Inc.
Founder & CLO, HitFin
Attorney, Naglaw

Neeraj Srivastava
Instructor, FinTech School
Founder/Chief Blockchain Architect, DLT Labs
Co-Founder & Chief Application/Blockchain Architect, True North Business Exchange
Josh Shepard
Director of ICO Sales, FinTech Portfolio


Jeff Risberg
CEO at Squirrel Legend Games

Austin Lee
Advisor, FinTech Scanner
FinTech Expert

Tom Abogabal
Advisor, FinTech School
Consulting Venture Partner, NOMINUS Capital
EdTech Expert

Kiran Anantha
Technical Advisor, FundPaaS
Sr. Engineering Manager, Groupon

Erin Wiley
Advisor, FinTech Meet
President, Wiley Ideas

Venture Initiation Program (VIP) Participants

Irene Zhou
Statistics & Economics Double Major, UCLA

Andrew Linxie
Software Engineer, FinTech Scanner
BS, Comp. Sci., UC Berkeley
Past VIP Participant

Runik Mehrotra
Machine Learning, FinTech Scanner
President & CTO, AI Labs
Past VIP Participant

Jing Guo
Machine Learning, FinTech Scanner
President & CTO, AI Labs
Past VIP Participant

Archie Kong
Front-End Engineer, FinTech School
Past VIP Participant

Jatin Jaiswal
Marketing and Business Development Coordinator, FinTech School
Golden Gate University, MBA Candidate