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A member of FinTech Portfolio invested $70,000 to bootstrap this venture prior to it raising $200,000 in seed capital in October of 2015 from a strategic investor. FunPaas got funded again from a $6Bn AUM Custodian in April of 2016 and is seeking $2MM+ in its first priced round. FundPaaS is post product and revenue. Visit to learn more. See our A+ Team.


FinTech Associates,LLC

This company is about to turn 2 years old very soon and has generated over $200,000 of revenue without a marketing budget. There are over 500 applicants on Angel List for this services business and a large target market of incumbents looking for FinTech expertise to bring new products to market.  FinTech Associates’ next step is to raise capital to expand its offerings beyond Robo-Advisors, Alternative Lending, Crowdfunding and Payments.

FinTech Meet

In partnership with The Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania and another FinTech Portfolio company, we created a FinTech Executive Speaker Series featuring key leadership members from Financial Technology Partners, Prosper, Circle Up and Xignite. The event was a huge success in terms of attendance with over 40 FinTech CXOs and 100+ people in attendance. Click here for a list of companies represented. FinTech Meet will be launching its second event later this year and its first revenue generating opportunity. See data report.

FinTech School

  • MVP Complete
  • 8 Instructors / 5 Employees
  • 2 Sponsorships
  • 1st Revenues
  • 16 Corporates In Pipeline
  • In News: Benzinga

FinTech School Search: #1 on Yahoo, #1 on Bing. #1 Page on Google.


FinTech Tips

This online media company is still in the prototyping face looking for new sources of “smart content” related to FinTech in general. The MVP was launched last year and there are archives of previous editions of this online newspaper published to date. The model is to leverage the strong knowledge base from portfolio companies to eventually publish unique content unavailable elsewhere.